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Our Approach

Single Moms & Children is very unique in itself.  Taking the beauty aspect and adding it with self confidence and motivation will take you a long ways in life.  It's our quest to start building from within.  With our spiritual coaching, women's association,  unique programs and youth mentoring; we provide an array of opportunities for families to get it right...  We believe that if you start building yourself from the inside out, POSITIVE CHANGE will begin to take place in your life.

Our Story

Our founder and Coach, Amanda Manigault  became a teenage, single mom at the age of sixteen and rather than give up, she pushed harder.  She took her own business from the front porch, to her parents basement and have since never looked back.  She's been an entrepreneur for over forty years.  She had some good years and bad years, experienced many ups & downs in life but she NEVER QUIT!   In fact, she became the author of LIVING ON EDGE "while trying to make it to the top" and today it's her quest to help RESTORE, REPLENISH & REBUILD families.  She's vowed to spend the rest of her life helping working single moms & children.

Meet the Team

Our team strives to implement the best programs ever!  We are a christian based non-profit, 501c3 charity organization that operates in excellence and togetherness.

Amanda Manigault

Founder & CEO

Amanda is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Amanda Manigault Co., Manigault  Ministries, Amanda’s Art of Cosmetology Institute and The Amanda Manigault Salon Co.  She’s a small business & salon coach and mentor to women around the world.  Amanda started doing hair on her front porch when she was eleven years old, and has never stopped! She’s been an entrepreneur for over 40 years. She's a cosmetologist, cosmetology educator and beauty school evaluator. She’s also Author of “Living on Edge, while trying to make it to the top.” She travels speaking, teaching, motivating and inspiring women, empowering business owners and educating cosmetologists around the world.  Her goal is to help change lives.  She doesn't care what your situation is, where you came from, what support system you do or do not have, she's here to help build you up, inspire and motivate you to reach your true purpose in life. She wants to help you rediscover who you really are, find true success in your personal life and build the million $$$$ business you've always dreamed of!  It's her quest to make your dreams come true...

Uniquia Manigault

Vice President

Graduate from Clark Atlanta University with a BA in Theatre Arts.  Uniquia is a professional actress, model and poet with over 10 years of unique business experience providing beauty, modeling, acting, poetry, hosting, after-school programs, make-up, accessories, books, personalized cards and fashion show services enabling her to connect with business people and youth organizations around the world. Uniquia is also co-author of the book "LIVING ON EDGE while trying to make it to the top where she has 12 poems in the book. She's author of her first poetry book "LIVING IN TRUTH.” Uniquia is a professional make-up artist and fashionista.   She travels around the world speaking, inspiring and motivating young women to believe in their beauty inside and out.  She says, "we are beautiful people.”

Christine McFarland


Christine McFarling, School Director/Instructor, began her studies in cosmetology over thirty years ago. She specializes in hair coloring and damaged hair. She’s been a National Educator for Avlon Industries for over fifteen years and a International kera Chemistry Educator who has traveled extensively to such places as; France, the Netherlands, Canada and etc…. teaching Kera Chemistry in forum to licensed Cosmetologist. She’s managed Salons such as Macy’s & JCPenneys and has worked extensively over the years training licensed cosmetologist while working in the salon. Ms. McFarling started with Amanda’s Art of Cosmetology Insititute as the School Director working directly with the students and the administrative staff. She’s currently the CFO of this non-profit organization and specializes in program and community development.

Next Steps...

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