Group Coaching with Amanda Manigault

Amanda Manigault provides a free group coaching session once a month for all members of her YWEA association.  YWEA is a women’s empowerment association founded by Amanda to help improve the lives of young women (ages 18 & up) by building self confidence, advocating for equality, creating social platforms and knocking down economic barriers.  Her goal is to empower young women to live their dreams and strive to be successful in their personal and professional lives.  Amanda believes that once you become an adult, regardless to how old you are, YOU ARE A YOUNG WOMAN! And it is our quest to present YOUNG WOMEN EMPOWERMENT ASSOCIATION in a mighty powerful way…

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Monthly Empowerment Message by Amanda Manigault

Amanda Manigault drops an empowerment message every month on her youtube channel.  This message is meant to be vitamin to your soul, to help you make it from month to month.  In life, things can happen pretty fast.  We must learn to stay equipped with the secret that will help guide and order our steps.  You see, often times we think we have all the answers.  We have a good job, a house, a car, a family, graduated from college, and things seem to be going pretty well.  Then one day you wake up and your life is upside down…  You don’t know which way to turn. You don’t even know how you arrived at that place.  Amanda Manigault has been there.  That’s what motivated her to write her autobiography LIVING ON EDGE! “while trying to make it to the top”  Join her every 1st Sunday at 5:00pm when she drops her new message on youtube.  You can join her by logging onto her channel at:

Amanda Manigault’s Blogs

Amandas new blogs are posted every month on the 15th day of the month.  Her blogs are regarding single moms & children and different ways to help better and build our families.  She focuses on teaching how to build unity within families and building family businesses.  To learn more you may visit her blogs at:

Quarterly Lunch & Learn with Amanda Manigault

The Month of February, July, September and November you can join Amanda live or through streaming for her “Lunch & Learn.”  Amanda will have special guests who are experts in their field join her to discuss different topics from women, family, business, cosmetology, etc… You will be empowered to the fullest degree after attending one of her lunches.  It’s like no other.  For more information you can visit her website at:

The Amanda Manigault Radio/Talk Show

Motivational Speaker and Radio Host Amanda Manigault will air every Monday at 12:00pm on

Shows will post live every Friday at 12:00pm on

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Amanda Manigault’s Daily Inspirational Vitamin

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The Amanda Manigault Monthly E-Newsletter

Amanda Manigault’s Monthly E-Newsletter is distributed every month to her subscribers on the 1st of the month.  This newsletter keeps you up to date with all her events, book signings, speaking engagements, business adventures, coaching, and upcoming releases.  You can also promote your business or event on her E-Newsletter through “Marketing with Amanda.”  To subscribe to Amanda’s E-Newsletter please complete the form below.