We are a non-profit 501c3 charity organization. We don’t charge anything for our annual holiday events and/or monthly empowerment classes. Our programs and other event fees are very minimal.  Our goal is to be an asset to our community in any way that we can.  If you believe in what we’re doing, please make a donation to our cause and/or any program that we offer.  We accept monetary donations.  You can also donate household goods, clothing, vehicles, realestate, jewelry and gems, paintings, antiques, collections, toys, books, learning materials, school supplies, office supplies, book bags, cars, boats, aircrafts, inventory, patents, stocks, bonds, interest in business, business equipment, computers, printers, event items, decorations, candles, paper plates, cups, utensils, table clothes, paper towels, trash bags, cleaning supplies, toiletries, annuities, food, can goods, costumes, etc.  We’re also in need of volunteers at all times.  Any amount will help, just call 770-731-0880 and a representative will assist you.  And/or you can complete the form below and a representative will contact you within 48 hours.

Following is a list of program and/or events you may donate to:

*Women Empowerment

*After School Program

*Food Program

*Building Fund

*Thanksgiving – “Feed One More”

*Christmas – “Toy GiveAway”

*Entrepreneurship & Beauty Conference

*EMPOWER ME NOW! Women’s Conference

*Easter Egg Hunt

*SM&C Annual Community Day