Our Transitional Housing for Reentry back to a normal life was conceived with envision of creating a place where homeless veterans, homeless women and or those formerly incarcerated are empowered to overcome prior obstacles to live productive healthy lives. We know that this comes with a lot of obstacles and we identify the unique barriers for each client who contacts us. We envision a just society where returning single moms, whether a retired veteran, mother on drugs and alcohol or formerly incarcerated have the opportunity to contribute to and participate in their community, put their families back together after having experienced hardship. We believe the first step begins with their living arrangements. We know that finding housing can be one of the biggest challenges and can cause one to return back to homelessness and/or incarceration. We help provide and/or find housing.
Our nonprofit believes that everyone deserves a safe environment, regardless of race or religion.  To help achieve our goal our founder, Amanda Manigault has donated two properties to this mission.  The first property is located in Harrisburg, PA and the 2nd property is located in Gaston, SC.

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