Outreach Programs

Our organization strives to provide the best outreach programs in our community. We offer programs to help inspire Single Moms & Children. It is our quest to help change lives and open doors to new opportunities for families.  We currently have programs in Harrisburg, PA, Columbia, SC and Atlanta, GA.

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Women Empowerment

Our purpose is to empower single moms to become stronger women and catalysts in their households and communities. By doing so we strive to help single moms build self-confidence about their beauty from the inside, out.  Through our Motivational Speaking, Black Girl Beauty Association & Annual BGB Empowerment Conference we strive to make life better!

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Our vision is to help over 1000 families per year through our programs, events and outreach ministries. We strive to join forces with other organizations, partners and volunteers to promote the attainment of self-confidence, education and entrepreneurship through our programs and community outreach. We start by providing adult training & development for single moms and youth outreach & development for children, while also ensuring that as many poverty stricken children (up to age 18) are fed healthy, nutritious snacks and meals in low income area’s throughout the summer while being in a fun & safe learning environment. We want to RESTORE, REPLENISH & REBUILD broken families through our spiritual coaching programs.



The mission of "Single Moms & Children," is to RESTORE, REPLENISH & REBUILD, working single moms & children so that they can become catalysts in their families and within their communities, through outreach, personal & professional development and entrepreneurial empowerment, while ensuring that as many poverty stricken children are fed healthy, nutritious snacks and meals in low income areas.


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